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The Czechoslovak-Latvian Society (1925-1940)

Malý Ivan

The Czechoslovak-Latvian Society (1925-1940)

National Museum, Prague, 120 p.


ISBN: 978-80-7036-331-7

The publication deals with activities carried out by the Czechoslovak-Latvian Society during the so-called First Republic (1918-1938) in the sphere of relations between the Czechoslovak and Latvian people. It describes the idea based on which the Society came into existence and its publication, organizational, popularizing and lecture activities while promoting Latvia in Czechoslovakia. It analyses the structure of its membership and presents the key members, in particular Hanuš Entner, Eduards Krasts, Josef Zubatý and Alois Václav Červín. Moreover, it emphasizes the relations with the Latvian-Czechoslovak Society in Riga.
Characteristic features of Czech-Latvian relations of this period were: proclaimed friendship, efforts to cooperate and mutual cultural enrichment. Both sides would frequently confirm the meaning and depth of such a mutual cooperation on the pages of press, in personal correspondence and other personal activities. However, much of these efforts remained in words only – many projects have not been carried out due to complex geopolitical relations and a lack of finance to cover the costs of these plans. In most of the cases, the proclaimed will to cooperate stroke on problems related to practical side of things, inefficiency and the fact that profits were difficult to verify. Unfortunately, the activity and results of Czechoslovak-Latvian Society – a shining example of achievements of the inter-war foreign relations – did not reach the goals set up when founding the Society.
The range of possible existing activities has been suppressed after the establishment of the Protectorate Böhmen und Mähren in March 1939. In addition, the Baltic States were shortly after this event occupied by the Soviet army.
All pre-war contacts have been wiped out by the World War II and because of the new post-war political situation it was not possible to restore and fully re-establish them.

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