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Adaptability as a Consequence of Ethnomobility

Jana Jiroušková et. al.

Adaptability as a Consequence of Ethnomobility


ISBN: 978-80-7036-368-3

In the contemporary world, we can observe a mutual infiltration of cultures due to constant and intensive ethnomobility. There is not just a one-way adoption of cultural codes, as all interest parties are affected by multi-level cultural contacts. As a result of this development, highly diverse multicultural societies are emerging currently in Europe. People change the cultural milieu in which they were brought up due to job opportunities abroad and mixed marriages. Travel also allows short-term contact with cultures established on totally different foundations.
The aim of the studies collected in this book is to focus on individual as well as collective displays of cultural adaptability in various environments. Primary attention was directed at the development of communities originating in non-European countries. However, the subject of the research was not just to outline the processes taking place within the communities, but also the mutual relationship between the surrounding environment and these communities.

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