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Communication with the Japanese  Or  Don´t be xenophobic

Kraemerová Alice

Communication with the Japanese Or Don´t be xenophobic

National Museum / Scriptorium, Prague, 184 p.


ISBN: ISBN: 978-80-7036-384-3 (Národní muzeum) 978-80-87271-82-7 (Scriptorium)

Foreigners sometimes find themselves totally unprepared for specific attributes of Japanese way of thinking, which makes certain hints in Japanese communication almost impenetrable. The authoress summarizes answers to the most frequently asked questions related to the Japanese lifestyle and conventions. She shows how apparently peculiar behaviour could be interpreted by taking into account the historical background and all other connotations. The book contains information on Japanese family life, attitude to religion, relations between employers and employees, education system, humour, language and many other relevant phenomena. Most usual gestures, namely those which could be misunderstood, are explained at the end of each chapter. Photos capturing everyday life in contemporary Japan are complementing the text.

Price: 210,- Kč

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