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Nina Jirsíková: Memoirs of a Dancer

Hronková Libuše

Nina Jirsíková: Memoirs of a Dancer

National Museum,


ISBN: 978-80-7036-392-8

In 1920‘s Nina Jirsíková danced in the most popular entertainment companies: such as Théâtre Variété, Rokoko Theatre or the Lantern Cabaret. Later, she moved (together with the choreographer Joe Jenčík) to the Liberated Theatre of Voskovec and Werich. In the second half of 1930‘s she worked as a dancer but also as a choreographer and costume designer in E. F. Burian’s D Theatre. Nina Jirsíková recounts her artistic career by describing her personal ‘behind the scenes’ experiences in theatres, the characteristics of choreographies, in which she danced as well as those that she created, and costumes that she danced in or designed herself. The book also describes the life of people with whom she cooperated. Authors of five studies in the introductory part of the book (Libuše Hronková, Marie Zdeňková and Josef Herman) characterize Nina Jirsíková as a dancer, a choreographer and a costume designer, and classify her work in contemporary and historical context.

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