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Theatre and Theatre Spaces

Vlčková Olga

Theatre and Theatre Spaces

Paseka, National Museum, Prague 2014, 154 p.


ISBN: 978-80-7432-564-9 (Nakladatelství Paseka), 978-80-7036-435-2 (National Museum)

The autor features development and changes of the theatre in Prague before the Second World war, when three national cultures – Czech, German and Jewish were coexited there.
Besides Czech language resonated German and extraordinarly Hebraic and Yiddish languages from the stage of Prague theatres, too. By the photos extant in museum collections, especially in the theatre collection of National Museum, the author Olga Vlčková depicts the state and atmosphere of Prague theatre, where of the tradition of 19th century continues. In this time the theatre business was born and the theatre was one of the most popular kind of enertainment.
In the last chapter Photos of Prague Theatre Buildings in the Collection of Theatre Department of National Museum the curator Hanuš Jordan describes the richness of this fund, its structure and topics there. Informations of the authors of theatre bulidings photographies.

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