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Recyklované divadlo / Recycled Theatre

Poláček Vojtěch, Pokorný Vít

Recyklované divadlo / Recycled Theatre

Grada Publishing, Národní muzeum, Prague, 368 pages


ISBN: ISBN 978-80-7036-454-3

Recycled Theatre presents several interrelated trends in con temporary
theatre architecture. A large number of the projects submitted in
the book make use of recycled materials, while modern architects'
ecological thinking is also refl ected in the eff orts to revitalize neglected
spaces and in the adaptive reuse of various unused buildings. The
book touches on the issue of moveable theatre architecture and
buildings emerging in close collaboration with the community. It
also explores the application of the socially responsible marketing
of cultural projects. The introductory study is complemented by an
extensive Q & A section with four prominent European architects. The
publication includes 60 profi les of completed theatres, supplemented
by a rich visual documentation.

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