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Annals of the Náprstek Museum

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically in WORD format as well as in 1 A4-sized hardcopy. The maximum range of the article is 25000 characters (with spaces). Each manuscript must have the abstract in English (not more than 1000 characters with spaces) and the list of key words attached.
Manuscripts are accepted in English, German, French and Spanish language. The author of the article is responsible for language revision (revision by a native speaker of that language is recommended). If the article does not meet this demand, the editors´ board retains the right to return the article to the author.

Formatting should be done using the following guidelines: The document should be left-aligned with spacing 1.5. Words should not be split between lines using hyphens – WORD should automatically move words that are too long to onto the next line. Paragraphs should not be indented, but should be indicated with one extra space (inserted by hitting Enter) between paragraphs. Typeface Times New Roman size 12. Quotation marks for German texts should start at the bottom („) at the beginning and end at the top (“) of the word/phrase. For English text, use quotations in the shape of “66” (“) at the beginning and “99” (”) at the end. For French and Spanish texts use arrows pointing left («) at the beginning of the word or phrase, and pointing right (») at the end. The whole text should be saved in WORD (doc, docx) or Rich Text Format (rtf), and not in other programs, such as Acrobat. Texts should be appropriately named using a maximum of 15 letters without diacritic marks, eg. accents. In order to highlight the text bold or italics can be used but underlining or spacing are not acceptable. Titles should be written using lower case letters (ie. Titles, vs. TITLES) even if the respective titles are to be printed in capitals in the journal. Capitals should be used only where necessary, ie. at the beginnings of sentences, titles or names.

Tables made in WORD or EXCEL should be saved as separate documents (eg. tabl.doc), and each table should be saved using a descriptive name, including the number of the table (eg. Tab. 3 Comparative Analysis of Trace Elements).

The list of literature and sources should appear at the end of the main text in accordance with ČSN ISO 690 in the following form: surname (in capitals) comma name stop title of the book (in italics) stop location of publishing colon publisher comma year stop (e.g. NOVÝ, Josef. Hurikány v Praze. Praha: Odeon, 1998.). In case of several authors, use semicolon to separate their names. Sources are included in their original languages.

Reference to literature should be included in the text in the abbreviated form: (Nový 1998:75-76) and in case of the same author´s several publications the reference should read as follows: (Nový 1998a:75-76).
Illustrations can be submitted as high quality pen-and- ink drawings, high quality photographs (black and white or colour) or as slides. If an illustration is submitted electronically, it must also be high quality, and in TIFF, TIFF LZV, EPS or JPG in 600 DPI definition, formats. The separate document should include numbered descriptions of the illustrations (eg. Fig 2. Ritual wand made of bronze).

All manuscripts that do not meet the above mentioned conditions will be submitted to the board of editors for their final acceptance or refusal.

All manuscripts are judged by two independent reviewers. Their final acceptance depends on the decision of the board of editors.

Manuscripts for the first issue should be submitted by the end of November of the year preceding the year the first issue of Annals is published.
Manuscripts for the second issue should be submitted by the end of April of the same year the second issue of Annals is published.


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