It is necessary to apply for the study at least five working days in advance by e-mail through the curators and ordering services of the director of the specific collection department and wait for the order to be confirmed. The application must contain not only a definition of the topic and material, but also a justification of the urgency of the study. Please note that not all workplaces have study rooms available in which it is possible to ensure current hygiene regulations for contact with collections. Therefore, it may happen that your study orders will not be met immediately, but according to the study capacities, or the orders will be moved to the period of release of hygienic restrictions.

Priority will be given to researchers with an acute need for study due to the completion dates of graduate theses, project studies and acute term outputs.

Basic rules for the study of researchers:
Mask, hand disinfection at the entrance to the study area, 2 m distance of study places, quarantine of studied subjects according to the type of material 2 to 5 days.

Rules for the study of collection, library and archival material in the space of the National Museum by external researchers