• Study room in the Historical Building of The National Museum (Václavské náměstí 68, Praha 1) - books from the central library, manuscripts fragments and unique early printed books, Czech National Revival and historical chapbook prints
  • Study Room in the Central Repository II in Terezín (Prokopa Holého 78, býv. Hamburská kasárna, Terezín) - for manuscripts, early printed books collection, collections of the Book Culture Department, Bohemian periodicals issued after 2000, Slovak periodicals issued up to 1992 will be available here.
  • Study room of the Journal Department (Královská obora 56, 170 76 Praha 7) - Bohemian periodicals - newspapers and magazines, which were and are issued in Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia and Slovakia to 1992 will be available here.

Staff of the department

Head of the Library Service Department, Librarian
E-mail: jana_konecna@nm.cz Tel.: 224 497 334
Librarian in the reading room and loan protocol
E-mail: blazena_strakova@nm.cz Tel.: 224 497 337
Librarian in the reading room and loan protocol, Interlibrary loan
E-mail: marta_bozovska@nm.cz Tel.: 224 497 337
Deputy Head of the Department, Librarian
E-mail: katerina_cerna@nm.cz Tel.: 224 497 180
Digitization workplace, Webmaster of NML
E-mail: david_paroulek@nm.cz Tel.: 224 497 339
Orders of digital copies, Publishing permission
E-mail: adam_petrasek@nm.cz Tel.: 224 497 158
výpůjční protokol KNM
E-mail: vypujcniprotokol@nm.cz Tel.: 224 497 342