Do you know what war is good for? How does technological progress relate to war conflicts? Does war have any other benefits? During the programme, we will first look at the "Faces of War" exhibition and introduce interesting exhibition objects from around the world. Then we will think together about the traditional perception of war in our society, break down these long-held beliefs and familiarize ourselves with different aspects of war across cultures.

At the end of the lectured programme, we also included a reflection on the current events in Ukraine. The discussion with students is focused mainly on the responses to the war in the public and media space, not on the causes, course, and consequences of the war themselves. Based on the visual material, students comment on current events and moods not only within the Czech society, but also on a global scale. They also have the opportunity to ask questions and express their own opinions, thoughts, but also concerns. As a part of the discussion, we will explain and make sure the pupils understand the concepts of solidarity, tolerance and respect on the one hand, and xenophobia and ostracism on the other.

Reservation of the programme must always be confirmed in writing by e-mail, a reservation over the phone is not enough. Without a written confirmation, the reservation will not be taken into account.

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Target group: Secondary school

Key words: War, Culture, Religion, Phenomenon, Progress, Art

Gained knowledge: The pupils have an idea of the phenomenon of war, are acquainted with general beliefs about war and its broader cultural context; they know what this phenomenon means and understand the importance of studying it in context

60 minut, 90 minut

Number of pupils
max. 30

Secondary school: CZK 900/class + CZK 40/pupil, 3 pedagogues free of charge