The memorial to Jiří Melantrich of Aventin (cca 1511–1580) in his hometown of Rožďalovice conveys the visitor through the life of this famous printer and renaissance burgher of Prague's Old Town, and through his work as a printer, from its beginnings in 1547 through Melantrich's death.

A special part is devoted to the fate of the print shop during the time of Melantrich's son-in-law and successor, Daniel Adam of Veleslavín, up to the confiscation of the shop in 1621. The printed part of the exposition, detailing the life and work of the famous Rožďalovice native is combined with a rich assortment of graphics, primarily high-quality photographs of Melantrich's prints and archival documents, but also with pictures showing the everyday life of a renaissance burgher and work in a 16th century printing shop. Prague in Melantrich's day is shown in a colored reproduction of the only hand-colored woodcut veduta depicting Prague in 1562. The display cases contain 17 original renaissance prints published by Melantrich and his successor Daniel Adam of Veleslavín, loaned from the Polabský museum in Poděbrady.

Contact: Husova 146, 289 24 Rožďalovice (former school building immediately below the church of St. Havel).

Phone.: +420 325 593 237, +420 602 666 306, +420 325 593 107 

Město Rožďalovice:

Operating hours: Monday–Sunday, only by prior telephone arrangement.

Directions: Train or bus from Nymburk or Jičín, then cca. 20 minutes to the center of town.

Admission: basic – 20 crowns, discounted – 10 crowns (children 6-15, retired, students, handicapped), families – 50 crowns, groups – 10 crowns per person (groups of ten or more), school outings – 10 crowns per child, younger than 6 are free.

Exposition author: PhDr. Richard Šípek, Installation: Irena Cudlínova, Graphics: Karel Štefl (FAST advertising agency s. r. o. Praha). For assistance in preparing the exposition, the author wishes to thank the department head of the Book Culture department of the National Museum, the mayor of the city and the restorers of the National Museum Library. The city also hosts the publicly accessible unique museum and bookbinding shop of Jenda Rajman, who worked here in the first half of the 20th century (more information) and the Melantrich Gallery, which puts on various art exhibits throughout the year.

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