• Natural History Museum

Since the foundation of the National Museum in 1818, the natural history collection has been amongst its largest collection. We care for over 15 million collection items, dating from several billion years ago to the present day.

  • Historical Museum

The Historical Museum is one of the oldest parts of the National Museum, with its roots dating from its foundation in 1818. At present it consists of four sections, ten departments and two units.

  • National Museum Library

This is a public library, and the second largest library with historical collections in the Czech Republic. It was founded together with the National Museum in 1818.

  • Czech Museum of Music

Czech Museum of Music collects music-related materials in the collections of the National Museum. In its collections, it holds over 700,000 documents of musical history - an extensive music archive, a phonoteque, a collection of musical instruments, or the estate or collection of the Bedřich Smetana Museum and the Antonín Dvořák Museum.

  • Náprstek Museum

The Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures is the only museum institution in the Czech Republic dedicated to the material and spiritual legacy of non-European civilizations.