Czech Press Photo 2023

Visit the New Building of the National Museum and see the photos of the winners of the last year of the prestigious Czech Press Photo competition!

Emil Holub

Come to the Náprstek Museum to experience the story of…

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Long-term exhibition


Let yourself be guided through the history of the Czech lands from the 8th century until the First World War. On a total area of 1,300 m2, you will see 2,000 exhibits that tell a fascinating story of our history.

Long-term exhibition

Windows into Prehistory

Discover in a completely new long-term exhibition what life in our territory looked like many millions of years ago! You will see 2,000 exhibits, from small fossilized trilobite larvae to giant ammonites and completely new life-size models of prehistoric animals.

Long-term exhibition

The Miracles of Evolution

Visit one of the most modern natural history exhibitions in Europe with the National Museum’s most famous exhibit, the skeleton of a fin whale, and other 1,500 unique objects.

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