War. Glorified and hated Event

War. Glorified and hated

Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures
Lectured programme to the Faces of War exhibition for Primary schools

The National Museum offers educational programmes for kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools and interest groups. Our visitors learn about the museum’s work and its collections in a playful and engaging way using hands-on and object- and experience-based learning, drama, music and physical education activities. Our goal is to establish and deepen our long-term cooperation with schools and to create a stimulating environment for life-long education and meaningful leisure time. We go beyond the boundaries of a museum in our variety of educational projects linking the principles of a museum and school education. Our concept of special museum events is based on the national curriculum and the development of key competencies. Thus, the museum becomes a pleasant place for exploring the natural and cultural heritage of the entire world.

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