Do you know where Oceania is, who the Indigenous Australians are and what pig money looks like? You can learn this and much more with our lectured programme. Pupils will learn about the diverse cultures of Australia and Oceania. The individual stops in the exhibition will introduce them to interesting exhibition objects and demonstrate the diverse cultures of Australia and the islands of Oceania. Emphasis is placed on traditional island cultures and the daily life of local communities.

Reservation of the programme must always be confirmed in writing by e-mail, a reservation over the phone is not enough. Without a written confirmation, the reservation will not be taken into account. 

Make a reservation:, phone number: +420 224 497 511

Target group: Primary school, Secondary school

Keywords: Australia, Oceania, Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, Travelling, World, Art, Culture, People

Gained knowledge: The pupils know where Australia and the islands of Oceania lie, they know local traditions, spiritual culture, and the art, and understand the diversity of different cultures.

60 minut

Number of pupils
max. 30

Primary school: CZK 900/class, Secondary school: CZK 900/class + CZK 40/pupil, 3 pedagogues free of charge