Our tickets:

Online tickets for the KINGS OF THE SUN exhibition can be purchased HERE.

Online tickets for the Kings of the Sun exhibition purchased before the closing of the museum need to be returned through the Business department, due to the current time tickets and the limited capacity of the exhibition are no longer valid. The money for the tickets will be returned to your account.

The validity of gift tickets not used in 2020 is extended until December 31, 2021.

Tickets may be purchased in person at all National Museum box offices. Detailed information on admission fees to temporary and permanent exhibitions and events is available under the following heading for each building: Come and visit us.

Admission is free for children who are up to 15 years of age or who come from children’s homes or SOS Children's Villages; it is also free for holders of the following cards: severe health disability card (includes assistants), ICOM, NPÚ, Union of Museums in Slovakia, National Museum Association, Benefit card GSA – MDČR, Prague Card.

Full (adults) and family admission to selected exhibitions can be bought online on our website. Such e-tickets are valid for one month (except for tickets with a 50% discount). Purchased tickets cannot be returned or changed.

Tickets for events can be booked online on our website and then picked up in person at the National Museum box office. Bookings are automatically cancelled 30 minutes prior to the beginning of an event if payment has not been made.

Schools may order a programme with a lecturer online in the section “For Schools”. If an invoice is required, please contact us. 


Eichlerová Lucie

Business Department
E-mail: lucie.eichlerova@nm.cz
Phone: 224 497 159