Do you know how do the Antipodeans live? Is everything positioned upside down? Find out at a tour of the permanent Australia and Oceania exhibition, where a variety of objects is displayed, illustrating the diverse Pacific cultures. You will learn that usefulness and beauty are intertwined here on a daily basis.

During the programme, we will first look at the permanent Australia and Oceania exhibition, talk about the objects on display and what they say about their culture of origin. Together we will think about what makes Pacific cultures different from ours and what they have in common. In the second half of the programme, we let ourselves be inspired by Australian art and try to reveal the true form of local spirits, which we will then portray using the traditional dot painting technique.

Reservation of the programme must always be confirmed in writing by e-mail, a reservation over the phone is not enough. Without a written confirmation, the reservation will not be taken into account.

Make a reservation:, phone number: +420 224 497 511

Target group: Kindergarten, Primary school

Key words: Non-European cultures, Australia, Art, Everyday Life

Gained knowledge: The pupils have an idea of local life and its specifics; know where Australia and Oceania lie; train fine motor and artistic skills.

90 minut

Number of pupils
max. 30

Kindergarten: CZK 500/class, Primary school: CZK 900/class, 3 pedagogues free of charge