Every important building has its foundations, not only structural, but also symbolic. The pillar of the National Museum are its collections. They are the most important thing inside the building, which in itself is one of the most precious items. However, it is the people, not only the founders, employees, donors, but also the visitors, who make the museum come alive. Collections, buildings and people – this is the National Museum. Together they form added values.

The Museum from the cellar to the attic exhibition offers its visitors to peek into the life of the institution. It is symbolically installed in period cabinets designed more than a hundred years ago by Josef Schulz, the architect of the Historical Building. Individual collections and themes across the institution compose a puzzle-like image of the museum in the cabinets. It reflects contemporary scientific practices and knowledge, cultural norms and political changes, as well as modifications in the ways of acquiring, preserving and presenting collections over a period of more than 200 years.

You can look at the museum from four perspectives – in the basement you will get acquainted with the foundations of the institution associated with personalities, on the 1st floor with its buildings, on the 2nd floor with collections and at the dome with current projects.

However, lesser-known themes, personalities and collections are also featured. The space is devoted not only to the founding personalities, but also to the donors, museologists, and even the visitors themselves – what social background the visitors came from or how their views on the exhibitions changed. And, as the architect of the building and the cabinets, Josef Schulz (1840–1917) cannot be missing. His personality was crucial for the institution. This versatile architect designed the Historical Building as well as all the equipment. Next to the cabinets in which you will find the exhibitions, you can still sit down and relax on the benches Schulz designed.

But the National Museum is not just the Museum Complex at the top of Wenceslas Square. The exhibition does not show the present of the buildings, but their past. There used to be a gendarme station where the Czech Museum of Music is located today, a winery where the Náprstek Museum is, a wintering site for circuses where the Natural History Museum is...

The Museum from the cellar to the attic exhibition does not forget about children's visitors either – there is a storyline for children and a fun interactive search game for families with children. The storyline for children accompanies younger visitors throughout the exhibition in the form of dialogues taking place directly on the surface of selected cabinets of the exhibition. The main role in these stories is played by two couples – the architect Josef Schulz and a lost young student, as well as Emil the pigeon and Elvíra the museum mouse, whose main habitat is the children's zone Mouseum in the neighbouring New Building. In the dialogues, the characters present interesting facts about the exhibits on display or surprising details from the fates of famous personalities associated with the National Museum.

Opening hours

Monday 10:00  -  18:00
Tuesday 10:00  -  18:00
Wednesday 10:00  -  18:00
Thursday 10:00  -  18:00
Friday 10:00  -  18:00
Saturday 10:00  -  18:00
Sunday 10:00  -  18:00

Entrance fees

Tickets can be purchased on-line, or at the box office in the Historical or New Building.

The Museum complex + cupola

Adult 250 CZK
Reduced Reduced:
– senior citizens over the age of 65
– juveniles 15–18 years old
– holders of ISIC or ITIC cards
– high school and university students upon presentation of a student identity card
150 CZK
Children up to 15 years Only accompanied by an adult FREE ADMISSION
School excursions up to 15 years School excursions (up to 15 years):
– organized school groups with pedagogical support
– 3 members of the teaching staff free of charge
– it is not possible to reserve a visit time, tickets only at the ticket office
School excursions 15–26 years School excursions (15–26 years):
– organized school groups with pedagogical support
– 3 members of the teaching staff free of charge
– it is not possible to reserve a visit time, tickets only at the ticket office
40 CZK

The e-ticket is valid for 30 days from the day of purchase for a one time entry.

Free admission (tickets only available at the box office): children from children’s homes or SOS children’s villages; holders of physical disability cards (ZTP, ZTP/P and people accompanying them); holders of cards: ICOM, Slovak National Museum, the National Museum Society, Benefit card of the European GNSS Agency – the Ministry of Transport, Prague Card, employee of a contributory organization of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic (+ 3 pers.)

Visiting rules of the Museum Complex of the National Museum


Photography and filming for non-commercial purposes and without the use of flash and tripod included in the ticket price.

Please bring tickets purchased on-line (valid for 30 days from the date of purchase for a one time entry) printed or stored on your mobile phone.

The ticket must be kept for the duration of the entire visit.

Purchased tickets cannot be returned or changed.