A) The maximum capacity of research rooms is determined so that the spacing between study places is 2 m and the area per 1 person is 5 m2, including the service, curator, etc.

B) Before entering or after entering the research room, the client must wash his hands with disinfectant.

C) All persons in the research room must have their own mask or respirator. When studying archives, it is necessary to use your own gloves.

D) Subjects that are studied by the researcher must be quarantined after study in the length according to the nature of the material and the decision of the director of the department (2 to 5 days). For this purpose, a special room or space is defined at the workplace.

E) Museum staff generally handle objects of research contact with gloves.

F) Before submitting the material for study, the researchers will sign the following statement: I declare that I am not ill with COVID-19, I am not in quarantine and I am not aware of the symptoms of this disease. I will observe the hygienic principles of the study of collection objects, library and archive funds of the National Museum.

These rules apply from 13 May 2020 until further notice.