The 3D collection consists of objects acquired from organizations and individuals documenting the activities of physical education organizations and sports clubs, the development of the individual sports disciplines and physical education activities from their beginnings, meaning in many cases from the 19th century to the present.

The collection of Sokol organization memorabilia is one of the oldest, and includes important sports prizes won by Sokol sportspeople, and the collections of the founders of Sokol, Miroslav Tyrš and Jindřich Fügner, which, besides personal mementos, contains valuable works of art (by A. Machek, Josef Mánes, J. V. Myslbek, and others).

The extensive Olympic Games collection, which contains the unique estates of Jiří Stanislav Guth-Jarkovský and Josef Rössler-Ořovský (orders, decorations, medals and badges), deserves a special mention. The Olympic Games collection also includes medals and other objects documenting the career of our notable olympic champions (František Douda, Dana and Emil Zátopek, Hana Mašková, Ludvík Daněk, Jan Železný and others).

The 3D collection includes a number of items documenting the development of various sports disciplines, and historical sports equipment and gear. It also holds many works of art associated with the history of sports and physical education in our lands.