The archive holds an extensive collection, numbering around 150,000 photographs (of which 80,000 have been catalogued), 9,000 negatives, 6,000 positive slides and 600 photo albums. The oldest section of the fonds is made up of photographs by famous Prague photographic studios of the 19th and 20th centuries, for example those of Rudolf Brunner-Dvořák and Jan Nepomuk Langhans.

The archives also hold the first snapshots from the interwar period – photographs by the classic Czech sports photographers (Emil Pardubský, Jaroslav Skála and others), and the works of some contemporary photographers. The archives include the photographic estates of Josef Rössler-Ořovský, Rudolf Richter, Marie Provazníková, Gustav Frištenský, Hana Mašková and other important Czech sports figures.

For financial reasons, the updating of the collection has been problematic in recent years, and the documentation of current physical education and sports events depends greatly on donations from individuals and institutions.