The Library Service Department makes available books and collections items from the National Museum Library to registered users for attendance loans in the Study Room in the National Museum New Building and in the Study Room in the Central depository II in Terezín.

Supplementary materials (dictionaries, encyclopedias, language references) are freely available in all Study Rooms.
The Study Room in the New National Museum building has Internet access, Wifi and the latest issues of selected social science magazines.

The Department also provides loans, reference material, reprographics and digital materials including handling contracts Contract to provide images and permission for their one-time use.

The Central Catalogue of National Museum

The catalogues of the NM Library

Staff of the department

Head of the Library Service Department, Librarian
E-mail: Tel.: 224 497 334
Librarian in the reading room and loan protocol, Interlibrary loan
E-mail: Tel.: 224 497 652
Deputy Head of the Department, Librarian
E-mail: Tel.: 224 497 651
Digitization workplace, Webmaster of NML
E-mail: Tel.: 224 497 339
Orders of digital copies, Publishing permission
E-mail: Tel.: 224 497 158
Librarian in the reading room and loan protocol
E-mail: Tel.: 224 497 653