Four of them are medieval. Although they were mostly written abroad, they passed through the library of the Augustinian canonry in Roudnice nad Labem already in the Middle Ages. The oldest of them is a Latin Bible of Italian origin from the first half of the 13th century (shelf mark XVI A 5). Another manuscript that is likely to have been written in Italy contains the first part of the 14th-century work Milleloquium sancti Ambrosii by Bartholomew of Urbino (shelf mark XV A 4). The third codex was written in France in the first half of the 14th century and contains concordances of the Bible by Hugh of Saint-Cher (shelf mark XVI A 4). The missal XVI A 10 from the third quarter of the 14th century is of Czech origin. The last manuscript is Didaktika česká [Czech Didactics] by John Amos Comenius (shelf mark II B 8). This copy was made around 1630. Thanks to Comenius’s handwritten changes and notes, it is included among the cimelia of the National Museum Library.

All five manuscripts are accessible online on the Manuscriptorium digital library website.