Most of us already heard at least a part of the symphonical poem Vltava. But to enjoy it in the Bedřich Smetana Museum with the view of the so called river is a priceless expirience that cannot be rivaled.

The piano concert by Mr. and Mrs. Grešl is part of the cycle Musical early evenings over the Vltava River.

Between 1874 and 1875, Bedřich Smetana composed four symphonic poems, which he combined into a cycle called Vlasť. The celebration of one's nation, expressed in symphonic paintings, in which the themes of national mythology and nature alternate regularly, aimed to show what treasures the Czech nation has. And that it can boast values that have a deep foundation and are lasting.

Four years later, Smetana added the last two symphonic poems with Hussite themes and renamed the entire cycle to Má Vlast (My Country).

Performed by Alena and Michal Grešl, we will let Vlasť play on the piano and listen to how Smetana managed to squeeze the music of an entire symphony orchestra onto one keyboard.

Performing: Almi duo (piano)

Tickets are for sale on-line for 80 CZK or if there will be any available spots at the venue before the guided tour begins.