These museums had the function of promoting the power monopoly of the communist government in the copuntry. They were disappearing en masse after 1989 and their collections lost their original meaning. The exhibition points to the example of one such ideologically created collection., the Collection of the Museum of Working Class Movement, to their content, historical role as well as possible ways of using the preserved objects today.

The exhibitopn Missused Museums is located in the premises of the New Building of the National Museum, which, as an often rewritten place of memory, symbolizes the turbulence of the 20th century. The goal of the exhibition is to convey the idea that objects cannot be used for their own sake: they always contain a human agency and a contemporary interpretation.

Forgetting about these collections or closing of chapters of certain parts of history is pointless, and their reflection helps historical knowledge and coming to terms with the past. On the contrary, a more democratic society can be built on their basis.