The Celts exhibition in its original extent ended on 31 October 2019. Now, only the part devoted to the everyday life of Celtic tribes is accessible to visitors.

It shows the irreplaceable role of Bohemia in the development of the late stage of European prehistory and at the same time shows the results of the professional research of Czech museums and scientific institutions. The National Museum holds one of the most extensive archaeological collections in Europe. Some of the finds are on show for the very first time, introducing the most interesting results of the professional field research of recent years.

The exhibition put on show finds from Hallstatt culture graves of the wealthy as well as less ostentatious ones, with examples of the distinctive geometric style of decoration, occurring mostly on painted vessels and beautiful bronze jewellery.

The La Tène culture period in Bohemia is presented via two main themes – the spiritual world and everyday life in the settlements.

It also shows the phenomenon of the rise of pile dwellings and fortified settlements that later changed into oppida, preceding urban settlements. From their organization and standard of living, it is clear that Bohemia, together with other areas of La Tène culture, laid the foundations of historic Europe. 

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