The collection items are divided into the following fonds:

  • The material culture of everyday life

This set of items is the largest fonds in the department and includes many objects and documents that illustrate the everyday lives of our ancestors in their various aspects, including clothing, trade and advertising, and private and public life. The collection includes documentation concerning political, cultural and economic life.

  • Volhynian Czechs

This section contains a photo archive, a collection of archival documents, chronicles, examples of household equipment and documents relating to Volhynian economy, education and culture.

  • Carpathian Ruthenia

This collection has items from the period of the first Czechoslovak Republic related to the history of Ruthenia at that time.

  • Small Prints

This contains small prints, decrees, tickets, personal documents, etc.

  • Posters

This contains historical posters – agit prop, cultural and political posters.

  • Photo archive

Pictorial documentation pertaining to 20th century history.

  • Newspapers and magazines

This has historical periodicals (single issues of newspapers and magazines, mostly for exhibition purposes).

  • Sculpture and painting

This contains sculptures and paintings relating to 20th century Czech and Czechoslovakian history. The aim of this fonds is to document the political concept of Czechoslovakian statehood during the interwar period and after 1948 through genre paintings and portraiture.

  • The History of Czech Scouting

This contains items and documents relating to the history of Czech scouting from its beginnings in 1912 to the present day.