Do you like to travel across the rural regions of our Republic? If so, your eyes must have been drawn many times to the preserved documents of traditional rural architecture – log gable roofs of North Bohemian cottages, half-timbered farmhouses in the Cheb district, log buildings in Wallachia or richly painted brick architecture in the Slovácko region. Their present form is a result of a long development, which generations of ethnographers, architects and artists have been trying to capture since the end of the 19th century. In their time, they only had paper and pencil at their disposal, some maybe a camera, but even with these limited resources, they were able to create rich documentary collections, which we can use today to learn about traditional architecture even in combination with the most modern computer technology. Let's now reveal the secrets of the documentation of vernacular architecture from the first half of the 20th century in our exhibition and visit such a "paper village" together.

The exhibition has been jointly organised by the Institute of Ethnology, Czech Academy of Sciences and the Czech Technical University in Prague.