Shortly after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Museum began collecting a variety of objects that reflect this exceptional state of contemporary society. The exhibition WE STICK TOGETHER in the Historical Building of the National Museum documents one of the main symbols of this period – protective face masks. Each one has its own story, they are made by designers, clothing companies, custom tailors and some of them are home-made. There are a lot of masks: for those in need, fashionable, masks bearing a message or masks intended to simply put smile on your loved ones’ faces. It took a very long time for clothing and accessories to acquire an aesthetic function in addition to their protective one. Masks managed to do this within a few weeks. They come in a variety of forms from a simple scarf, through a folded strip of fabric to variously shaped. They reflect the aesthetic emotion, fashion taste, values, political affiliation or sense of humour of their wearer. Masks have become a symbol of skilfulness of the Czech nation, but mainly of solidarity, empathy and selfless help. They are an expression of thoughtfulness, because by wearing a mask, we do not protect ourselves, but people around us.