The most famous composition of Antonín Dvořák definitely did not appear out of the blue. Since its first apperance, which we would not be able to recognise today, Dvořák almost in the Beethoven style wrote his way from blueprints up to the final form of the composition, including the name – and even the foundation of the composition itself was born several years before his departure to America!

Let’s also take a look at the progress, and all the recorded individual stages of the creation of this composition. We are also going to shine the spotlight at the parts of the composition, that could be judged only by Mr. Dvořák alone.

The one talking about Dvořák's Humoresque, and playing its parts as examples is Tomáš Víšek, who graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague under the supervision of Prof. Josef Páleníček and Prof. Zdeněk Jílek. His research focuses on the piano works of Antonín Dvořák, to which he also dedicated his dissertation.

The lecture serves as an accompanying program for the exhibition Antonín Dvořák: My life and my work.

Entrance fee: 50 CZK
Tickets are for sale on-line or if there will be any available spots at the venue before the guided tour begins.