For this year’s contest, eight photographic categories were announced. 234 photographers participated, sending in over six thousand photographs. The submissions were sent in digitally over the entire course of August. The international jury of experts convened on October 13–15 at the Czech Photo gallery. Its members were: jury chairman – editor-in-chief of the ČTK photo bank Petr Mlch; the Ukrainian photographers working for AP Evgeniy Maloletka and Mstyslav Chernov; the Czech photographer and documentarist Dana Kyndrová; reportage photographer from the EPA agency Filip Singer; Press Photo Hungary representative Tamás Szigeti; and Adrian Evans from Great Britain, the director of Panos Pictures.

The exhibition of the winning and other selected photographs of the 28th year of the Czech Press Photo competition is held in co-organization with the National Museum in the Historical building of the National Museum. The exhibition presents the award-winning images and other selected photographs that characterise the past dramatic year. Along with the images of Czech and Slovak photojournalists, the emerging young generation will also be presented. The exhibition collection includes Petr Vrabec's set Prague Peripheries, which was created on the basis of last year's grant from the Mayor of Prague, as well as a selection from the exhibition Siege of Mariupol – The Last Journalists in the Occupied City by Ukrainian photographers Evgeniy Maloletka and Mstyslav Chernov. In total, there are more than 450 printed photographs and 350 images in screens and projections by 120 authors.

Numerous activities will accompany this exhibition: lectures, guided tours, presentations by the photographers, and Canon and Samsung company days.