It depends on me what the Earth will be like – this is the motto of the new exhibition that will show you in practice how you can contribute to the protection of the environment. It introduces the topic of sustainability through concrete examples from everyday life and encourages reflection about what an individual can do for the world around him. This is the first exhibition at the National Museum that deals purely with the topic of sustainability and environmental friendliness and tries to embrace this topic in a comprehensive way. For this reason, it is divided into seven thematic sections focused mainly on consumption (fashion, food, water), production (waste) and perception of the environment around us (landscape, biodiversity). The seventh section, called upcycling, is then also focused on promoting creativity.

The exhibition is designed in such a way that it has no beginning or end and can therefore be explored as one pleases. Within the individual sections, there are 20 mechanical interactivities ranging from various types of brain teasers, puzzles, games and building sets to, for example, a telescope that points to a bird feeder in Čelakovského sady. However, there is also multimedia content in the form of video reports, podcasts, computer games or thematic videos projected on a unique 4 meter high projection wall. It was created as a result of an applied research project supported by the Ministry of Culture Czech Republic, in which the National Museum cooperates with the Institute of Intermedia of the Czech Technical University and the CESNET association.

The exhibition itself is unique in that it seeks to promote sustainability not only in its content but also in its execution. In fact, it is built largely from recycled material from the previous exhibition, Sun Kings, and this process is also presented in detail in the exhibition. At the same time, it is designed in such a way so that the material and concept used in the exhibition, including the AV software, could be used in the next exhibition after some modifications.

You can also look forward to a rich accompanying program that the National Museum is preparing for the ZeMě exhibition. And not only in the Historical Building of the National Museum, but also in the Kinský Summer Residence and the adjacent park, the premises of the Scientific Depository in Horní Počernice or in the Ringing Station of the National Museum in Hostivař.