The copyright association OSA celebrated its 100th anniversary on October 9, 1919. It is one of the oldest copyright organizations in the world and one of the oldest Czechoslovakian institutions in general. This year, the celebration is followed by an exhibition entitled OSA 100, which has been prepared in cooperation with the National Museum and will look into the past and present. It offers many interesting things from the music world as well as unique historical artifacts from the OSA archive and the National Museum. Visitors can use the information panels to learn how OSA works, who the user is, and what royalties are. There are old time radios, song announcements, vinyl records, and documents such as minutes of meetings, books, contracts and more. Visitors can also enjoy a quiz and attractions from the Czech music world.

Opening hours

Monday 10:00  -  18:00
Tuesday 10:00  -  18:00
Wednesday 10:00  -  18:00
Thursday 10:00  -  18:00
Friday 10:00  -  18:00
Saturday 10:00  -  18:00
Sunday 10:00  -  18:00

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